Earth Science Course

Understanding the whole earth on a huge scale of time and space

From the micro world of mineral crystals and bacteria we are able to jump to the Earth in the solar system. We can see the changing condition of the earth from several hundreds of millions of years ago to the recent phenomenon of global warming. Students can gain a new sense that goes beyond people’s general sense of space and time through this course. A global perspective, which is indispensable to understanding natural systems, will be required by society in the coming years.

A “comprehensive science”

You should not feel reluctant to study in this course because you did not study earth science in high school. You will learn about the various features of the earth, using mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. In the second and third years, you will acquire the basic skills for research of nature through lectures, experiments and field study offered in a balanced manner. In the fourth year, you will be engaged in state-of-the-art research for exploring a new vision of the earth, using your specialty.   

Principles and goals

  • Understanding of the planet Earth as a whole
  • Broad perspective that goes beyond time and space
  • Acquisition of an international outlook, cooperativeness and leadership through practical training
  • Producing global environment specialists
  • Producing human resources who will play an important role in the preservation of the Earth in the future


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