Integration of Science and Engineering, School of Natural System

Four years have passed since the School of Natural System was established. The School was formed by integrating the former fields of Biology and Earth Science of the Faculty of Science and those of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering and the new fields of Bioengineering. The natural system makes up a large-scale field of study in terms of space and time, which is formed by living creatures including human beings, materials, and the earth. We research nature based on the fundamental knowledge of biology, bioengineering, chemical and material engineering, and earth science, and use the knowledge we obtain to contribute to the improvement of our lives. Based on the knowledge we obtain, we make proposals for solving the problems of ambient pollution and global warming.

In addition, we offer wide-ranging outlook and potential. Our school consists of Biology Course, Bioengineering Course, Chemical and Material Engineering Course, and Earth Science Course. You can develop a high-level expertise based on wide-ranging basic knowledge in biology, bioengineering, chemical engineering, and earth science. Our graduates are working in a variety of fields ― in research laboratories and educational institutes, as well as in chemical, biotechnological, and environmental industries.

Our dream is to produce inquisitive and creative scientists and engineers who have a wide-ranging basic knowledge, global outlook, and expertise required to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. In order to realize our dream, we would like to attract motivated students who have potential in science and technology. Come to our School of Natural System and make our dream reality with us.

Masafumi Iwami
Dean of the School

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