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Characteristics of School

Fascination of the field of Natural System

The School of Natural System offers you the exciting experience in developing innovative knowledge and technology that integrates science and engineering. The field of natural system deals with diversified, dynamic systems made up of humans, living creatures, substances and the earth. It is an academic treasure trove that meets the needs of science and technology in the 21st century: biology, bioengineering, material engineering, earth science and environmental science. Our education and research covers a wide variety of fields. Making it a very interesting and marvelous field to study.

Study of natural science phenomena in all spatial and temporal scales

We recognize the systems formed by living creatures, human beings, substances and the earth as natural systems. Students learn about natural scientific phenomena arising from constant interaction of lives, substances and energies within a wide variety of scales in space ranging from nano-scale to the universe and in time ranging from femto-seconds to tens of billions of years.

Applying basic scientific findings to human society

With a focus on basic science, we teach our students how to apply the results of their studies to human society. Our aim is to produce researchers, engineers and educators who are able to understand natural systems from a wide-range of perspectives such as biology, material engineering, bioengineering, environmental science and earth science.

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