Biology Course

Subjects ranging from molecules to society

In the Biology Course, students gain basic knowledge of a wide range of biology topics ranging from molecules to society. Through many experiments and a great deal of practice they acquire the skills for close observation and analysis of living things on the levels of molecules, cells, individual organisms and ecological systems.

Understanding human beings as part of a natural system

Diversity defines living creatures. Analysis of the principles that are common to diverse living creatures help us deepen our understanding of human beings and society.
We aim to produce researchers, engineers and educators who will use what they have learned in to contribute to society.

Principles and goals

  • Clear thinking that is based on knowledge
  • Clarification of as yet unknown mechanisms of living creatures
  • Fostering creativity among future researchers and engineers
  • Training of teachers who can educate the next generation
  • Learning from the wonder of nature and living creatures from a broad perspective


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