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Chemical and Material Engineering Course

Leading the way to new chemical technology through the integration of science and engineering

Chemical engineering, in Japan originated here at Kanazawa.

History of chemical engineering in Japan

Since the establishment of the Chemical Engineering Department in 1939, at Kanazawa Engineering High School, the predecessor of the College of Science and Engineering, our chemical engineering course has the longest history in Japan.

Producing chemical engineers who will create a recycling-oriented society

Students in the Chemical and Material Engineering Course minutely and comprehensively analyze phenomena related to the circulation of materials in the natural world using expertise based on basic engineering and chemical engineering and advanced knowledge of interdisciplinary fields including the environment, energy, biology and materials. We conduct research and education to produce chemical engineers who will engage in manufacturing from a global perspective in order to contribute to people’s happiness and sustainable development.

Principles and goals

  • Advancement from knowledge to wisdom
  • Spirit of challenge
  • Flexible mind
  • Learning from the environment
  • Chemical engineers who think of the earth


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